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Software Engineer

Antoine Jacquet

Toulouse, France


Languages PHP, C++, C, JavaScript, SQL, Bash, Python

Softwares Apache HTTP Server, MariaDB, Elasticsearch, Memcached, Docker


APIs Facebook/Instagram Graph, Twitter Gnip, YouTube Data

Frameworks CodeIgniter, Bootstrap, jQuery, Scikit-learn, Keras, PyTorch

Speaks native French, fluent English

Work Experience

Since 2022 AI Applications Developer, Jolibrain.

2020–2021 DevOps Engineer, Publicis Media.

Development and administration of a tracking tool for 200,000 brands on social networks.
Data collection from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and VKontakte.
Amazon Web Services architecture with about 70 servers, primary/replicas databases with several terabytes of RocksDB storage.
Full-text search on 3 billions documents, building and training of a sentiment analysis model.

2009–2019 Freelancer, RezoNux.

Consulting, audit, technical assistance and software development.
Facebook applications (games, contests, flirt, presents, quiz, job-search, sports betting), page tabs creation.
Embedded Linux (kernel modifications, software porting).

2008–2009 Software Engineer, Sagem Communications.

Software development on an embedded Linux for internet gateways.
OpenWrt environment on a MIPS architecture, GCC toolchain with cross-compilation.
Linux kernel drivers to handle GPIO, leds, buttons and relays on the gateway.

2003–2008 HRIS Analyst, Affiliated Computer Services.

Human resources information systems for several major accounts: Motorola, Freescale, General Motors and Continental.


2003 DESS Informatique Fondamentale, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse.

Specialised Higher Studies Degree, equivalent to an master's degree in computer science.
Software engineering, hardware, networks and operating systems, databases and computer human interfaces.
With honours, merit scholarship, top ranked student.

1998 Baccalauréat S, Lycée Pierre de Fermat, Toulouse.

Equivalent to an A level specialized in mathematics.
Specific studies in computer science, english and spanish.

Other Experience

Since 2012 Competitive programming.

Regular participation in CodinGame (world's top 3), Google Code Jam, Facebook Hacker Cup and BattleDev.

2006–2010 Teaching, Facebook architecture and ecosystem, Web 2.0.

Presentations to the students of "Télécom SudParis" and "Université Paul Sabatier".

2008 dtv5100, a Linux driver for DVB-T dongles.

Integrated since kernel 2.6.28.
Linux system programming, module API, DVB integration, USB and I2C messages.

2007 Eternity II, a distributed computing project.

An attempt to solve the puzzle. Collaboration with the winner of the contest.

2004 zr364xx, a Linux driver for webcams.

Integrated since kernel 2.6.22.
Linux system programming, video4linux API, JPEG/MJPEG decompression.

2003 FAPG (Fast Audio Playlist Generator).

Lists of audio files generator, integrated in several Linux distributions.

2002 irssistats, allows to generate statistics based on IRC logs.

2001 Prologin, winner of the French National Contest of Computer Science.