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Software Engineer


Toulouse (France)


Analysis and conception in various fields of computer science: Web, databases, systems and networks.
Projects management using various technologies and involving several programming languages.

Work experiences

Since 2009
Software development, technical assistance, consulting, audit:
  • Social networks: automatic retrieval of public data about brands on social networks, development of a customizable web portal for review and reporting
    Technologies: Facebook/YouTube/Instagram/LinkedIn APIs, Twitter streaming API, Amazon Web Services (AWS, EC2, RDS, SQS, SNS, VPC), Memcache, Ubuntu, MariaDB (TokuDB, master/slave), CodeIgniter, Bootstrap, Kendo, FusionCharts, PHPExcel/PHPPowerPoint
  • Facebook projects: applications development (games, contests, flirt, presents, quiz, job-search, sports betting, etc), page tabs creation, FBML and REST API migrations, etc
    Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Graph API, RSS/XML/JSON streams, FBML/iFrame applications, jQuery
  • Linux projects: software development and kernel modification on a mobile phone, inventory and audit of a Linux server park, Apache portage on a embedded/uClinux platform, etc
    Technologies: C, Kernel, Embedded Linux
Software Engineer in a Linux and Open Source company
Linux software development for internet gateways:
  • OpenWRT environment on a MIPS architecture
  • GCC toolchain GCC with cross-compilation
  • coding on the PC and debugging on the target
  • Linux kernel drivers to handle GPIO, leds, buttons and relays on the gateway
  • use of the Linux kernel internals (timer, mutex, device, procfs, etc)
  • high-level applications in C++, asynchronous communication with the Linux devices (ioctl, select), using libevent
  • time synchronization plugin using the NTP protocol
Software Engineer / HRIS Analyst (human resources information systems)
Projects management at ACS for the human resources of various companies:
  • Motorola / Freescale: automatic generation of salary attestations with PDF formating, presence board of employees based on SAP, updates and deployment of the payroll systems for the Motorola / Freescale split, etc
    Technologies: dynamic websites in PHP and PL/SQL, SQL*Report applications, automatic processes and CGI in Perl
  • General Motors: conception and analysis of an authentication portal based on security questions, and a hierarchy checking tool
    Microsoft technologies: ASP dynamic webisites, SQL Server database, IIS web server
  • Continental : manage deployment of the new payroll environment (servers, databases, VPN)
Internship: Human resources information systems at MOTOROLA Toulouse
Design and development of Web/Oracle intranet applications (8 months)
Project managmeent, SEI Level 3 certification, PL/SQL and Perl coding
Summer job: Inventory at the "COGEMIP" for the Euro currency transition (2 months)
Internship: Built the website for the "Comité d'Entreprise" of ONERA Toulouse (2 months)
Internship: Built the website for the "Dép. PRospective et Synthèse" of ONERA (2 months)
Teaching: I gave some lessons for the computer science section of my school: "Lycée Pierre de Fermat" (Pascal coding)


DESS Informatique Fondamentale: Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse
Specialised Higher Studies Degree, equivalent to an master's degree in computer science
Software engineering, hardware, networks and operating systems, databases and computer human interfaces
With honours, top ranked student
Maîtrise Informatique: Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse
Equivalent to a Master's degree in computer science
Student and research program on JavAct at IRIT (mobile adaptive agents)
Baccalauréat S: Lycée Pierre de Fermat, Toulouse (France)
Equivalent to an A level specialized in mathematics
Specific studies in computer science, english and spanish


French (mother tongue), fluent in English and some knowledge in Spanish
Linux, Windows
PHP, JavaScript, Bash, SQL, C, Perl, Python...
Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, Postfix, Samba, BIND...
Quality and project management, planning, specification, UML design

Personal experiences

DTV-5100, a Linux driver for a DVB-T USB dongle, integrated since kernel 2.6.28
Linux system programming, module API, DVB integration, USB and I2C messages
Launch of, a French distributed computing project
Client coded in C, server coded in PHP/MySQL, website using Drupal
Presentation of Web 2.0 technologies for the "Master Génie Logiciel et Répartition"
XHTML/CSS, AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript And Xml), RSS syndication
zr364xx, a project that brings support under Linux for some webcams, integrated since kernel 2.6.22
Linux system programming, module API, video4linux API, USB and I2C bus programming, JPEG/MJPEG (de)compression
FAPG, a tool to generate list of audio files
Coded in C, binary files format analysis (MP3 and OGG), directories recursion
irssistats, allows to generate IRC stats based on irssi logs
Coded in C, text parsing, regular expressions and HTML generator
Winner of the French National Contest of Computer Science "Prologin 2001"
Contest in 3 steps: a questionary, semi-finals, and a final with 100 finalists coding for 36 hours
2000, my website
Hosts and shows my projects
2000 administration, my personal server on a DSL line
Debian GNU/Linux operating system, network, tools and servers management


Driving licence and personal car
Radio-controlled aircraft